5 Keys to Successful SAT Planning

If you’re just getting started with your SAT planning or if you’re looking to get a more structured plan, this guide will offer some key things to watch out for. An effective SAT study plan is realistic, comprehensive, and smart. In this guide, we provide the tips you need to build a successful plan.

  1. Take a practice test. There are 8 practice tests available on the College Board/Khan Academy websites. It’s recommended to take at least one test fully (4 hour commitment) prior to any practice to establish a baseline score.
Is a 1600 required to get into your dream school? No! The SAT is just one aspect of your application.
  1. Come up with a target score. Of course every student would love to score a perfect 1600 on the SAT, but depending on what school you want to get into and how the rest of your application looks, that may not be necessary. Setting a reasonable target goal is important and is based on two main factors: starting score and time dedicated to preparation.
The SAT is offered 7 times per year - aim to take it at least two times.
  1. Plan your test schedule. Most students take the SAT in the winter of their junior year and again in the spring. Often, the student will take it in the fall of their senior year as well. Plan to take the test several times to increase your score. The SAT schedules are available well in advance, so make sure you spend time mapping your schedule with goals with your SAT tutor.

  2. Practice, practice, practice! The College Board and Khan Academy practice tests can help not only with timing, but the type of questions. If you are struggling with the content of the test, it is a good review the key concepts until you have mastered the material. Don’t worry, there are always a few tricky questions thrown in.

  3. Become familiar with the test-taking strategies. There are many helpful strategies when taking the SAT. For example, try skipping harder questions and answering easier ones first. They questions are worth the same number of points, so it better to get through everything than to lose points on questions you know.

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