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Alex M.

From a very young age, Alex has been interested in teaching. Being the oldest sibling, he was always responsible for helping his younger brothers with their homework and he frequently did anything he could to help his classmates succeed. That passion stayed with him through high school when he was able to join a local private tutoring company. Over the next few years, Alex worked with dozens of middle and high school students, helping them with their math and literature classes as well as SAT/ACT prep.

After high school, Alex attended Drexel University, where he graduated Cum Laude with a BS/MS in Biomedical Engineering. His desire to teach has never waned, however. Now, Alex has been tutoring for over 10 years and has had hundreds of happy parents and students. From all of his experience, Alex recognizes that no two students are the same and therefore there is no single technique that can apply to all students. Alex works to identify his students’ particular learning style and tailors his lessons to help them achieve their highest potential.

Meghan B.

Tutoring for over 10 years, Meghan seeks to empower students not only to complete challenging academic material, but also help provide study, organizational, scheduling, and prioritization skills which help students successfully advance to their challenge. Meghan has a bachelor's degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and Masters Degrees in Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analysis and in Biblical Counseling with an emphasis in Acute Trauma, Stress, and PTSD. She was a Teaching Assistant at Michigan State University for Trigonometry and Precalculus, and was a tutor at their Math Learning Center. Meghan has a wealth of experience tutoring Algebra 1 and 2, Precalculus, Calculus 1 and 2, Trigonometry, Geometry, AP US History, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, English/Literature, SAT and ACT. Meghan also has helped students with College Entrance Applications planning and submission. When she is not working Meghan loves sports, and hanging out with her husband and their two dogs. She also can be found at trivia nights at local restaurants in their small town.

Claire F.

Claire has always found a passion in sharing knowledge and resources with others. Over the last 10 years, she has tutored youth and peers in several subjects and in group and one-on-one settings. While at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts, she studied Environmental Science with a minor in Chemistry. During this time, she worked in a biogeochemistry lab working on oyster aquacultures and created her own curriculum and taught a class on Modern Day Food Systems. She has worked in the non-profit environment as a youth urban agriculture instructor and science facilitator. With a background in democratic education, Claire understands the value of allowing students to have voice and choice in their education and the value of collaboration. Each student has a unique set of needs that can and should be met by educators.

Rita P.

Rita specializes in tutoring the SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE, SHSAT and all middle school and high school math subjects. She also has experience tutoring AP/IB Spanish, AP/IB English, and college essay writing. Rita believes that an excellent instructor should teach more than just subject matter. Rita encourages students to understand their mistakes and discover solutions, so that they become more confident and better able to handle future academic challenges. Rita is also an avid traveler. In the past two years, she has lived in over five countries and visited many more. In her free time, she enjoys reading, learning new languages, yoga, and cooking.

Alaina W.

Alaina has always had a passion for helping others. Being the child of an educator has also instilled her with a passion for sharing knowledge and educating those in need. Alaina is the oldest of three children, so she has always helped her younger siblings with their homework and has often provided any other knowledge that may help her siblings to be successful in school. After high school, Alaina enrolled at Auburn University where she pursued a double major in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. While at Auburn, Alaina had the opportunity to help her fellow students as a peer tutor. Being a double major at Auburn University has helped Alaina to develop great time management and study skills that have helped her to maintain her high GPA. Alaina hopes that she can pass on these skills to every student she encounters so that others may share in her success.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Alex provided excellent tutoring services for my daughter. He was thorough and explained the concepts in detail so she could have a better understanding. I definitely recommend his services!
Elaine W.
From Torrance, CA.
Alex helped me with a math class that I struggled with but he was able to explain it and work through it with me in a way that made sense. He focused on my needs and personalized the lessons.
Adam S.
Philadelphia, PA.
Alex M Tutoring helped my son with Algebra and SAT Tutoring. He has a deep understanding of the SAT test and strategies and was able to improve my son's scores significantly.
Michael C.
From Austin Tx.
Really helped me with learning the strategy and content behind the SAT and ACT. He simplified everything and helped me achieve a higher score.
Vincent Y.
Plainsboro, NJ.