Tutoring: A Waste Of Money Or The Key To Success?

Parents are often hesitant to hire a private tutor for their children for several reasons. Some might feel that the local school should step up if their kids need help, while others look at the cost and see groceries coming off the table.

The issue that all schools face involves the lack of individualized learning. Although some children thrive in group environments, others need a different approach to help them grasp the concepts being taught.

Average classroom size statistics in the United States are steady, with about 25 kids in the classroom every year. Each child has different capabilities and learning needs. That means teachers don’t have the time to offer personalized attention, relying on parents or the students themselves to work on their weaker areas.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Tutor Today?


When parents hire a tutor, that issue disappears. Tutors can explain concepts with extra detail, take a more thorough approach, and focus on individual student needs to personalize lessons. That structure leads to the following benefits.

1. Kids learn more in less time.

Some children learn visually, others prefer listening, and even hands-on is sometimes the best approach. Even when teachers design lessons that encompass each style, that one-size-fits-all structure doesn’t work for everyone. Tutors with the experience handling a child’s learning type can help them push closer to their educational goals. By applying the style the works best for each student, the learning process becomes much more efficient and the child can go over more topics in a shorter amount of time.

2. Tutors instill a sense of discipline.

Long-term educational success comes from sustained efforts and the desire to revise. When children receive irregular learning times, their mood swings can shift from extreme interest to distracting boredom – with less information retained. Private tutors help kids get into the habit of spending a specific time on the targeted subjects in a weekly routine. By creating consistent structures, children often have more interest in the material.

3. It reignites a passion for learning.

When we struggle to do something successfully, the temptation to give up can be intense. If kids experience these feelings at school, it can cause them to start believing that they’re not smart or that they aren’t good at learning. This results in lower confidence and self-esteem. Tutors work to reinforce the positive dynamics that learning offers. By improving their grades or understanding of a tricky subject, self-confidence returns.

4. Kids can be honest without being judged.

Some children don’t ask questions in class because they don’t want their peers or teachers judging them. Whether that issue is real or perceived is irrelevant because it impacts their decisions. A tutor creates a safe environment for learning, builds a professional relationship, and works to answer the questions they have.

5. It allows children to explore other activities.

Tutoring helps a child start exploring other aspects of themselves and what they love. Kids might study art or music, get involved with athletic activities, or pursue other passions because their learning has become more efficient. Hiring a tutor does more than change your child’s education. This investment gives your kids an opportunity to discover more about themselves while using learning options that maximize their successes.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your child with an individualized approach to learning, please reach out!